screen snip on mac

Taking a screenshot becomes a necessity every once in a while and this is a skill that must be learnt. Most electronic gadgets can take screenshots. Screenshots can be taken in two ways, either the whole screen, or part of the screen. There are many different tools that can be used to accomplish this. The tools and keyboard shortcuts can vary depending on the OS.

Let's first discuss how to take screenshot on a windows pc.


It's an amazing and lightweight tool that comes built into windows, which means that it doesn't need to be downloaded and installed separately. The easiest way to find it is to go to the Start, and in the search type in snipping tool, and select the first option that pops up.

It should look something like this, might have changed due to a version upgrade.


There are 4 modes that the tool provides. Now chose the mode of your choice, their names are self-explanatory. One chosen click on New and then draw around the object you want to take screenshot of and release the mouse once done. Now you will see the screenshot, and if you like it you can save it by clicking on file from the menu bar and click on the save option. 

Press the "Windows key" and the "Print screen key" simultaneously:

These keys can be used to take a screenshot on a windows computer. In case you can't find the key, below i have attached a picture that will help you locate the key.


Once the screenshot has been taken, it needs to be located. In your computer, the folder titled “pictures” would have another folder inside titled “screenshots”. This folder would be the one containing all the screenshots that you take.

Press the "Command key", "Shift key" and 4:

These keys are how you take a screenshot on a mac. There are various key combinations that can be used to take screenshots. 

screen snip keys mac

Screenshots taken by using these keys will be saved on the desktop with a timestamp, and i would recommend changing the name of the image file so you can keep track of it.


Lightshot is a tool that is compatible both for windows and for mac. This tool not only allows you to take screenshots, but also allows you to share them easily and edit them.