how to clean clear phone case

The case you use to protect your phone encounters a wide range of surfaces ranging from restroom counters, café tables, and surprisingly the ground as well. Since we use our phones every day, they become exposed to ecological conditions like UV radiation, heat, dust and so on. Regardless of whether you have any noticeable stains on your phone case, it's best to perform mobile cover wash to protect from any microbes and microorganisms.
In this article i will share some techniques you can use to clean your phone case;


Make a mixture using water, powder detergent, napkins, a couple drops of white vinegar, as well as paint thinner. Now leave your mobile case in it and cover it with the soaked napkins. Leave it there for about 20 minutes, and then take the mobile cover out, and it should look brand new. All the dirt will be out, and the yellowness of the mobile cover will be gone.

The video above explains the method as well so you will make no mistake following the steps.


Baking soda is an exceptionally good cleaner. It can assist with removing all the oil and debris present on your phone case that is extremely hard to eliminate normally. Sprinkle a little quantity of baking soda straightforwardly on the filthy areas. Scrub the case with a toothbrush gently for best results. When you are finished cleaning the phone case, rinse off the soapy blend from your phone. Here using warm water rather than cold water would be helpful. Tenderly rub the case as you rinse the case to ensure that no soap stays on it.


Disinfecting your phone is a positive routine to rehearse consistently. Moreover, it is likewise a valuable strategy to prevent your phone case from yellowing. Use a spray bottle of liquor or use a cloth absorbed liquor to cover the phone case. When the phone case is covered, use a perfect and dry material to eliminate all the dust from it. Allow the case to dry for an hour in the open air before you place it back on your phone for use. Regardless of whether it removes or lessens the yellowing, there will be no microorganisms and it will be cleaner than before.


Using your cell phone all day long for calls and texting means that there are many microscopic organisms and other particles on your phone. Reduce bacteria and debris by cleaning your phone case one time each month, all around. To make sure to do this, set a reminder or make a note on your schedule. Remove your phone from its case to ensure you remove every one of the bacteria and dirt. Sanitizing just the outside of your phone case is not a very effective way as microscopic organisms can reside between your phone and its case. Remove your phone to disinfect the case completely. Make sure to target bacteria both within and outside of the silicone case for the best outcomes and best cleaning.

The above-mentioned ways have been proven to be the best ways for cleaning your phone case. These methods have been used frequently over the years to clean phone cases by individuals as well as professionals and they have never wronged anyone. These basic methods will get rid of bacteria as well as the yellowness on your phone case.