To be a leader, to whom people look up to for changing their lives is an extraordinary task. It can be challenging at times too. But this honor is not claimed without going through hardships and omissions. You have to earn your respect so that your people bestow their trust in you. Under the leader's mentor ship, people grow and learn about their deficiencies in the most respectable manner. A leader creates an optimistic work environment that motivates the team members to work zealously. Here we're going to mention a few tips to improve and enhance your leadership skills to be an example for those who follow you.
  • Be an avid example: 

You need to be extremely aware of what you are teaching others. You need to be a living example of all those qualities and words you address. This is what makes a team follow their leader who sets an example for them to follow. The rules you create should be most precisely followed by yourself. Your actions should speak volumes about your personality rather than your words. Make sure you put forth the best example of yourself for others to pursue. 

  • Be respectful to your people: 

Those who follow you need the highest level of respect and appreciation from their leader. This is what distinguishes a leader from a disciple. While in the field, you'll meet numerous people with different backgrounds and work experiences. Your first priority should be to maintain a mutual and balanced level of respect towards everyone. Even if you have a conflict of thoughts with them. Respect their ideas and words to be respected by them. 

  • Work on your deficiencies: 

While we consider leaders to be perfect, in reality, they are not. We all have deficiencies and weaknesses we need to improve and get rid of. A leader recognizes his deficiencies and strives harder to rectify those. Every weakness can be changed into quality if worked hard. If you have struggled to have a good conversation or have a problem with time management, try to make those better and improvised by working on them. 

  • Be responsible: 

You should take full responsibility for your every action. Your every little action influences and affects many people. If you make a mistake, admit it and try to make it right. If you admit your mistake instead of putting it on others or making lame excuses, people are more likely to respect you. Admit that you're wrong and need the advice to correct it. This creates a sense of mutual understanding between you and your team. 

  • Be flexible to changes: 

A leader should never be too rigid when it comes to making necessary changes to taking your projects to the next level. As the World is changing quickly, you need to be flexible and make necessary changes towards your rules. As being flexible and lenient will help you to be more comfortable with the modifications. Such as during the covid-19 pandemic, video conferencing took over seminars and official meetings through different apps. 

  • Have an optimistic attitude: 

Being an optimistic leader makes you go through many sufferings and difficulties. A positive and enthusiastic attitude is what motivates and moves others to perform at their best capabilities. An optimistic approach helps you tackle a problem in a positive way. Try to recognize the problem and sit down to sort it out in a reasonable way. Take help from your team to overcome such difficult times and remain positive. 

  • Have good communication skills: 

Communication is the key between you and your team. The way you communicate describes your level of respect and enthusiasm towards your team. Make sure your instructions are vivid and brief to be understood easily by everyone. Be truthful in your communication to gain the trust of people. Bad communication can bring disappointment and unrest among your team. 

  • Embrace constructive criticism: 

Constructive criticism should always be welcomed as this is the best way to change your shortcomings. You should allow your team members, colleagues and friends to give you opinions to improve yourself. This improves your leadership skills as well as creates a mutual respect between you and your people.