A reader lives a thousand lives through reading books. Everyone loves to travel but not everyone gets the opportunity. Our busy lives won’t spare us much time to witness different countries and cultures. This is where reading plays its part. Reading different books of a million different writes can take you around the world while sitting in your lounge. Reading books benefits your personal growth and as well as your life at large. But the problem faced by the masses is how to start reading books. For your ease, we’ve listed the best possible solutions to start reading.


  • Make a list of books: 

As a reader, you must have come across many different books you would have loved to read. Oftentimes we forget the name of the book or the writer. Making a list will benefit you in such a way that you already know which book you’re going to read next. Write it in your phone’s notepad or your daily journal. Make sure to add books whenever you hear about a good one. In this way you’ll always be ready for your next read. 

  • Start setting reading goals: 

To make your reading more enjoyable and fun for you, set little goals for yourself. Make sure you set such goals that you can achieve in time. Setting massive goals that are hard to achieve will only assuage your stress and disrupt mental peace. Making progress little by little makes you feel good about yourself and helps pursue your goal of reading. 

  • Read at a quiet place: 

Reading requires peace of mind. If your mind is not calm, you’ll never understand a single word you read. Sit in a corner where you can pay heed to your book rather than other issues. In this way, you can understand the lines as well as the characters of the book more vividly. Make your distractions as little as possible such as sitting at a place where there is no television etc. 

  • Read only what you like: 

Your books wish list may have such books that do not fit your taste. Book recommendations are those books that you’ve not read. You should first look up the book on the internet or read the preface of the book. This helps you understand the main theme and idea of the book. If it fits your taste, go for otherwise leave it. 

  • Keep a book with yourself: 

At times you’re out of your home and have ample spare time. To maximize the utilization of this time, you can read your book. If you have your book with you, take it out and start where you left it last time. In this way, you can achieve your reading goal within time and go for the next book. Instead of wasting time, use these short minutes to read. 

  • Set your reading time: 

Be it the first 45 minutes of your morning or the last few minutes before going to bed. Try making a habit and be consistent with it by reading your books. Having a dedicated time will make your mind ready to complete all your chores at time and dive into your books. This will help in ensuring that you read your book regularly and don’t miss your time to read books. 

  • Use bookmarks and sticky notes: 

Bookmarks are placed where you left last time reading. Instead of finding the page you were reading, bookmarks help to go directly to that page. Using sticky notes is something that readers love. Writing a succinct summary of the chapter you read on a sticky note. This gives you a sense of accomplishment that you’re one step closer to finishing your read.  

  • Visit old book stores: 

Old books stores are full of treasures. Books read by someone before you have their impressions left on the books. As if you've gone back in time and read something subtle and soothing.  


These are the few best steps you could follow to start reading and develop a habit of reading regularly. Try these and become an avid reader.