Having a sound sleep is directly linked to our mental and physical health. At times we're really exhausted and overburdened by work that we cannot sleep well. This only worsens the sleep pattern. Having not enough sleep affects the body's performance and work output. Leading to many serious health problems such as weight gain, stress, decreased productivity and much more. 

If you're cheating in your sleeping hours, you're only moving towards a dead end. Our daily routine consists of such habits that hinder our sleep patterns. Unhealthy activities are a great barrier to having a good and sound sleep. If you're facing such a problem, don't worry we got you covered in our article.

Don't consume caffeine at night: 

Consuming caffeine does have multiple health benefits to you. But if it's consumed late in the night, it stops your body's natural process of relaxing. Caffeine enhances your energy levels and focus. Having it in the morning is good but consuming it up to 6-8 hours before sleeping time is not recommended at all. It would disturb your sleep pattern and keep you up all night. 

Turn off your phone: 

Your phone can prove to be a big barrier between you and your sleep. Every other second a notification pops up on our phone screen that is a distraction. These notifications won't ever stop and you won't have your sleep. Reasonable is to turn off your phone and keep it aside while sleeping.  

Sleep on a good pillow: 

Using a soft and comfy pillow is proven to decrease stress levels in our body. It regulates the blood flow as well as makes your sleep more comfortable and stress free. It should be of just the perfect size for you. Not too flat or not too stiff that would only increase your sleeplessness. 

Avoid long daytime naps: 

Having quick naps between working hours is recommended. But having long naps can really influence your sleep patterns in a bad way. Having long naps at daytime confuses our body's natural internal clock that regulates our sleep. It then leads to trouble sleeping at night and disrupts the quality of sleep. 

Sleep and wake at the usual time: 

Make sure you sleep and wake up at a time and remain consistent with that. It creates a rhythm in your body that helps you sleep better at night. Waking up and sleeping at similar times has been proven to improve the quality of sleep. Regular patterns are familiar to our body and are in harmony with our brain functions. 

Have exercise at daytime: 

Having enough exercise is linked to the body's fitness as well as sleep pattern. Don't work out before sleep time as it is not recommended and affects the sleep. This exercise could be a mild one or doing yoga. They drop stress levels and make the mind calm and serene. 

Don't eat before sleeping time: 

Having your dinner right before sleeping is extremely harmful to sleep. Meals before sleeping are a crucial factor in disturbing the hormones. Directly affecting your metabolism which ultimately leads to less sleep. Late night meals also decrease the quantity of melatonin in the body that affects sleep quality. 

Don't consume alcohol: 

Oftentimes, drinking at night at parties has become kind of a fashion now. But what it really does is ruining your sleep. Even a couple of drinks can lead to irregular sleep patterns. Alcohol reduces the generation of melatonin which is a growth hormone. It may make you feel more sleepy but will soon lose its effect and wake you up at night. 

Try to relax your mind: 

Our mind controls everything we do in our daily lives. Relaxing your mind at night has been proven to increase the quality of your sleep time. To relax your mind, one can try meditation, yoga, music or even having a bath at night can help you relax your mind and help you sleep flawlessly.  


Hope this article helps you fix your sleep patterns and have a more sound and comfortable sleep at night. Try these and see how effectively they do wonders to your sleeping routine.