Skin exposed to sun for an excessive amount of time without any sunscreen and garments can contact sunburn. For sunburn relief, it is critical to start treating it properly when you notice it. Sunburn can genuinely destroy your tanning plans when summer shows up.  The ultimate objective is to abstain from getting scorched totally in any event. When we're utilizing sunscreen, sunburn despite everything appears to discover us out of nowhere. 

Here are the few best remedies that you should follow ASAP to treat sunburn. 

Drink more water: 

Sunburn decreases the amount of water in your body that leads to dehydration. Drinking additional water when you have sunburn forestalls lack of hydration. Drinking water would help you fight dehydration and balance the amount of water required in the body.  

Cover up your body: 

Sunburn is due to not covering up properly in the first place. Now that you have burned your skin due to your carelessness you need to cover the portion of your body that is burned. Let no more sunlight fall on the affected part. 

Rub the burn with ice: 

Get an ice pack instantly. Put the ice in a cloth and hold it over the burned area. This will reduce the warmth from your skin and diminish the itching sensation. Pour water and ice into a bowl, absorb the fluid in a fabric and rub it gently over the burn. Doing this a few times will treat the burn. 

Use a moisturizing lotion: 

If a specific region feels particularly itchy, you might need to apply a moisturizer or cream on it. Apply a moisturizing cream to secure hydration in the skin. Do not use items that contain oil as they can trap in heat. This will hydrate your skin to relieve the burn. 

Be cautious after taking shower: 

Try not to rub your skin with a towel, yet tenderly wipe it off when you get out. After a shower, utilize a moisturizing lotion or cream to mitigate the skin.  This is important to diminish the presence of skin peeling. Rubbing the skin violently with a towel can only worsen the burn and increase the pain. 

Take a painkiller:  

If the pain is not getting off your nerves, to help relieve the pain, swelling of the burn and the sensation of burning you should take a prescribed pain killer or an aspirin. Commonly doctors advise to take two tablets every 4 hours for maximum results. Many anti-inflammatory drugs are available to tackle this issue. 

Use aloe vera on the skin: 

Aloe vera has been used since old ages to cure skin related problems. In this case of sunburn, using aloe vera is a great option to treat it as soon as possible. Aloe vera contains gels that can be helpful in mitigating the skin. Aloe vera simultaneously acts as a cooling agent and a pain reliever
Basically cut a leaf of aloe vera and apply the juice on the exposed area. Natural aloe vera gel can be the best thing for sunburn. 

Consult a dermatologist: 

Remedies are an instant relief from the pain. But it cannot be ignored that seeing a professional dermatologist is necessary. Sunburn can have extreme cases which cannot be treated at home.  The damage from sunburn can be worsened if not treated properly within time. It is best to get an appointment and visit the doctor. 


Above mentioned are the few best remedies to get rid of sunburn within the least possible time. Make sure you follow these if you get sunburn on a sunny day. If not taken seriously, this can increase the damage and might create more health related problems for you.