Migraine is a neurological disease that causes severe headache on either one side of the head. There are two major categories of migraines; aura migraine and common migraine. Migraine cause is for the most part unknown, but scientists link it with change in genes or brain. Women are more likely to suffer from it and it is mostly triggered due to hormonal changes, high stress level, or in some cases intense physical activity. 
  • Experiencing hallucinations ( flashes of light, black dots or so on)
  • Ringing ears
  • Blackouts or partial blindness for up to an hour
  • Feeling of tiredness or crankiness

You must have encountered migraine a ton of times in your life but do you really know how to get it off? You don't have to suffer and wait anymore for it to wither off naturally. Instead you can try different remedies to get rid of it. Migraines happen to be very painful and irritating at the same time. The excruciating pain can make you lay down all day and not do anything. Many remedies out there to treat it but we've shortlisted the best ones that have been proven to treat migraines. 

Have herbal tea: 

Herbs are a proven natural medication for treating migraines. They have a soothing effect on the body which lessens the intensity of the migraine. Adding ginger and lavender in tea is the best remedy out there. It controls stress and anxiety which is the root cause of a migraine. Ginger helps cure nausea too which is a contributor to your migraine. 

Massage your neck: 

Stress and anxiety can lead to neck muscles to tighten up which results in causing migraine. Using your fingers, gently massage the back of your neck so that the muscles can relax. Don't put too much pressure, make sure you massage it gently.  This would loosen up the muscles and bring about relaxation. 

Take a cold shower: 

Cold water relaxes the muscles in our body. This technique might not work for everyone but it is a good remedy. Cold water causes the body vessels to squeeze thus limiting the blood flow to the brain. As the blood rushing to your brain clams down, your migraine will start to get better. 

Take a painkiller: 

Taking any over the table painkiller or anti-inflammatory drug can help you get rid of your migraine. These painkillers could be aspirin, ibuprofen or another adequate medicine. Painkillers help to get mitigation from migraines. Make sure you take them in a controlled quantity and if they don't work well, make sure you see a doctor. Never take any medicine more than the average quantity without a doctor's prescription. 

Stay in a moderate environment: 

Our environment has a great effect on our brain. The brain can trigger migraines by responding to bright lights. Try changing your environment to a dark room and take rest there in peace. Bright light is a contributing factor to migraine. So make sure you don't go out without sunglasses and try to stay indoor to treat migraine. 

Have rest in a quiet place: 

Not having enough sleep and anxiety can lead to getting a severe migraine. You need to rest at a peaceful place for about 30 minutes or more. Close your eyes and take deep breaths slowly. This would call down the blood flow as well as decrease the level of stress and anxiety in the body. 

Try meditation and exercise: 

Meditation can help in diminishing stress levels in our body. Trying meditation or exercise routine can help in lessening the intensity of migraine. It would calm your nerves and mind in a relaxing way. Try a few yoga poses or have a nice exercise to get rid of migraine naturally. 

Drink enough water: 

Being dehydrated can be a factor causing migraine. Don't go for any drink other than water. Certain drinks such as alcohol can trigger migraine in a bad way and make it worse. Make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and see if it works out for you and makes you feel better. 

Reduce your screen time: 

Spending too much time in front of a laptop or phone can also result in a migraine. Focusing on the screen for a long time can trigger the brain and make you feel irritated as well as cause a migraine. Reducing the screen time lets you focus more on yourself rather than looking at the phone for hours. 


Sleep on time: 

Sleeping is vital, and should be done in moderation. Going to either extremes can result in severe headache or migraine. Best sleeping time is between 10pm-6am. It not only helps body with regaining energy but can be beneficial regarding recurrence of migraines. 

Above we've listed the best possible solutions for treating migraine. Hope they work out for you in a better and healthy way .