Bored with the old setting of your room? We all do at certain times in our life. The old decor just appears to be insufficient to our evolving life. Not much of a hustle is needed to change the look. It might turn out to be a bit tiring for you but it would be totally worth it. You could go for a full makeover or a partial makeover of your room. The choice is yours how you want your room to be. Changing the setting of your room would ultimately make you feel good and create an enjoyable environment to relish. We got you covered in our article.

  • Clean your room: 

Being youngsters, many people often don't clean their room much. It's almost always messed up. The first thing should be to clean the room. Get everything in the right order and where it belongs. This would give you a clear vision of what needs to be re-positioned. It would create room for new stuff to be placed and get the old trash out of your room.  

  • Change position of your bed: 

Your old bed has always been in the same place since you got your room. This needs to be changed now. If your bed is leaning against the wall, shift it from there. Make some space by placing it in another adequate spot. This would create space and make room for new things to be added. 

  • Get carpets for your room: 

Even if you're on a budget, carpets aren't that expensive. Get some nice and clean carpet for your room. Make sure carpets match the paint of your room walls. And don't get a too dark color, that would only diminish the look of a room. Get a color that is soothing to the eyes. Light colors are always welcomed for such projects. 

  • Place a mirror on the wall:


Majority of us place mirrors only in washrooms but this needs to be changed too. I mean who doesn't like to see themselves in a mirror. Get a nice shaped mirror for your room. Place it opposite to the bed. In this way, you'll be able to see yourself every time you wake up. If you're running late, this mirror will help you to get yourself arranged quickly. 

  • Get some artwork for your room: 

This is a major missing element in your room. A decent artwork! Everybody loves to lay their eyes on a masterpiece. But we aren't getting any Picasso stuff. Ordinary artworks and paintings aren't that expensive. Maybe you could ask a friend who is good with this. He'll be more than happy to help you out and you'll have what you wanted. Place it on the wall that has always been empty. It would completely renovate the room.  

  • Get the unwanted stuff out: 

You must have a computer chair or old table that has always been laying there idle and covering up space. There could be an old doormat or just your high school stuff you don't need anymore. This is high time you get rid of it. Sell it to someone and get some money to buy something new. In this way, you'll have much more space and some money too. 

  • Arrange your closet: 

Your closet is the most tiring thing to arrange. Old clothes, shoes and much more. Arrange it properly. Get the old stuff out and keep only what you really need.  

  • Change the ambience of your room: 

Place some lamps on the side table of your bed. Get a few candles for your room. Better to get scented candles. They are sure inexpensive and look classy wherever placed. They would create a soothing and serene environment for the room. 

  • Place some plants: 

Plants give an organic look to your room. A fresh environment to breathe in. Get some flower pots of reasonable size that could fit in easily. Taking care of those plants would create a sense of accomplishment in you. 


These are the few best opinions to change the look of your rusty old room. Follow these and you'll surely love the end result you get.