how to increase car's gas mileage

Gas mileage is important to many, but irrelevant to some drivers. Mileage is very important though, and it can save you hundreds of dollars, and over the years could add up to thousands of dollars.
Not every car is made the same way and hence they all have different gas mileage depending upon the engine type, and the weight of the car and the fuel efficiency of the car.

I will share some general tips that will help greatly improve your gas mileage.

  • Keep the RPM Under 2
RPM in the car corresponds to 1000 revolutions per minute, and it is a measure of how fast the crankshaft is spinning as the vehicle accelerates or decelerates.If you keep the RPM under 2, it will keep the engine running smoothly so it wont consume much gas consequently.

  • Maintain Tire Pressure
Tires are very important both when it comes to car safety and when it comes to mileage. Old tires with excessive wear and tear consume more gas, and when tires have low air in them, they need more energy to do the same work hence utilizing more fuel than required.
The right tire pressure is indicated on the panel when you open the driver's door. More or less it is in between the range from 30 to 35 PSI depending on the car, and the tire size. Most often regular 4 door sedans require 32 PSI in all front and rear tires.

  • Use Cruise Control
Cruise control is amazing, and it not only helps with maintaining car speed, but also helps with increasing car's mileage. Whenever you get on the highway, accelerate towards the desired speed and then turn on the cruise control. This will usually also help keep the RPM under 2 or at 2, and moreover will increase mileage, and other benefits also include avoiding speeding tickets.

  • Avoid Rapid Acceleration and Sudden breaks
Drive your car smoothly. Accelerate the car slowly, and decelerate in a similar manner. This has numerous benefits. Your driving habits more or less will affect your cars life in all aspects. So drive smoothly and it will benefit your car and your pocket.

  • Use Premium Oil once in a while
If you have a automobile that doesn't require premium oil, i would still recommending filling your tank with premium every once in a while because it has less impurities, and should help get better performance.