DIY repair shoes with broken sole at home

Shoes are an accessory of the fashion industry and they make a person look very presentable.
Shoes have a life of about 6 months depending on how roughly or how often you wear them. Work shoes which are worn every day usually last  up to 6 months or less depending upon the job description of the individual.

Some people are obsessed with shoes while others aren't. So depending on what type of person you are, you will either chose to replace broken shoes with new ones or fix your broken shoes at home.

How to fix Shoes with Broken sole at home?

Lets start with the stuff you will need to fix your shoes at home.
  1. Gloves 
  2. Barge all purpose cement glue
Number 2 can vary depending on which glue you will find in the area you live in. I personally experimented and fixed my show using Barge so i listed it here.

  1. Clean the shoes that you are about to repair with a slightly wet rag or a piece of cloth and let it dry for at least five minutes.
  2. Wear gloves and take a good amount of glue in your hand and start spreading it inside the shoe(between the welt and the outsole).
  3. Leave the glue for enough time that it starts to become firm and then hold the outsole and welt and join them together.
  4. Hold in that position for a good 4-5 minutes and then release. If you want better results, buy a clamp and then clamp the two sides together for a few hours.The shoes should be good to use now.
This was the procedure to fix shoes that have a broken sole.

Lets now talk about fixing shoes with holes.

Things you will need to have:

  • Shoe Goo
fix shoes with shoe goo
  • Sand Paper

  1. Clean and dry the area where your shoe has holes or lets say the affected area.
  2. Remove the insole of your shoe and then cover the inside by either applying a layer of duct tape or by putting slightly wet napkins.
  3. Insert Shoe goo inside the hole, and try to make sure the consistency of goo all over the hole is same.
  4. Once applied leave the glue in there until it freezes inside.
  5. Once its dry, now use sand paper back and forth the hole until it blends with the rest of the shoe or comes at the same level as the rest of the outsole.
  6. Find a color that matches with the outsole which is typically black or white. Now get spray paint of that color and apply it all over the outsole so the whole thing is in proportion with each other, and there is no inconsistency and it doesn't look like a wreck job. 
How to fix your shoe if there are holes in it or the sole is broken was covered in this article. These are the two most common problems that one can encounter when repairing shoes.