how to get google adsense approval

The question of how to get Google Adsense account approved is a very hyped one, and that is because Google follows very strict policies regarding a website's approval into their Adsense program.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ad network that displays contextual ads. Once approved into the program you can put ads on your website and whenever a user clicks on an ad you get money based on the CPC of the niche of your blog/article where the ad was displayed.Their ads are very targeted and user interest based because the displayed ad is either the result of a relevant keyword or the users search interests.

You might be wondering why is it so important or a big deal to be approved by Google Adsense. Why not just sign up with another ad network if i just wish to generate income through ads.

Why is Google Adsense the best ad network?

I will give you a few reasons why i would personally choose Google Adsense over any other ad network.

  1. Google Adsense is the highest paying ad network out there. I have personally used ad networks like Infolinks, chitika, bidvertiser and, but the results have been dramatically different.Let me share a small experience. I applied Google ads on this blog that was receiving about 30,000 impressions a month and with that traffic i generated about $1000. When i implemented infolinks on the same blog i just made $362. So its very clear that google adsense is the highest paying ad network.
  2. The ads are very high quality and relevant to the content of the website. This relevance helps gain higher click through rates which in return means more money. 
  3. Responsive, and in feed ads available which blend within the content of the website, and actually uplift the overall look and quality of the website.
To address how to get google adsense approval, first we need to figure out the main reasons for websites being rejected into the program.

Why are websites rejected into Google Adsense program?
  1. The Ingenuity of the content contained in the website.
  2. Website still under construction.
  3. Mature content(could be pornography, illegal downloads, and drugs).
  4. Unsupported language used in the website.
  5. Premature website design and slow website load speed.
How to fix all errors and get accepted into the adsense program?

Ingenuity doesn't just apply to the words in your website. It applies on all the media content in your website too. It could possibly be the pictures that you have used in your articles or that the whole article you just wrote was plagiarized from another source without giving any credits.

To fix the the ingenuity in the content issue you need to make sure all the articles you write are plagiarism free, and that the pictures you use in your website are also not protected by copyright protection. If you do wish to use picture from copyrighted material sources, mention them and give credit.

To help you further with resolving this issue i will give you a few sources where you can go and use pictures without having to worry about copyright or DMCA issues.
  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
These sources mentioned above are only a few.To find out more you can just google royalty free images, and you have a list of sources where you can easily find images.
Use images from these sources instead of copying someone else's or give them proper mentions if you use their content. Furthermore, to make sure that your written article/online stuff is plagiarism free, you can use a tool called copyscape or plagiarism checker.Use this tool before posting on your website just to make sure your content is all good.

To fix the error about website under construction make sure to do the following:
  • Website has enough content on it(atleast 20 articles, each having more than 500 words).
  • There are no redirect issues with the link (make sure that the url no matter if you write it with https or without or without www , it still redirects to your website).
These two are the most common solutions for website under construction problem.

You should already be aware of this that Google doesn't accept pornographic or illegal drugs, weapons or similar content. They don't want to support anyone who's working in this niche online.

Some webmasters without realizing that their language is incompatible with Google Adsense apply for the program, and then face rejection.

Make sure your website is using one of the languages in the picture above. If it's not there is no way working around unsupported language. You will have to rewrite all your web data in one of the supported languages mentioned in the picture above.

Premature website means that it is uneven or not displaying properly, or there is no sort of article organization, and that your website is just a melange of pizza crepe and waffles combined together. I mean to say that your website doesn't make any sense. According to the latest google updates, now website load time will give a good impact on the websites SEO, and this also impacts their user experience, and google is really strict about providing its user the best experience possible.

A lot of other bloggers or experts mention that you need to have important pages like Privacy Policy, contact us and similar extended pages.I personally don't believe that as i have used these strategies mentioned above to get 5 of my websites approved for Adsense, and not even one of them has all these so called important pages. 
These pages look professional, but serve no real purpose since you are not providing any service, but just information.
Follow all the points i mentioned, and your website shall be approved.
Share your experiences in the comment section below.