how to double your website traffic

Increasing website traffic is crucial for success online, whether you need new prospects or new engagements on your content. Without traffic an online business/blog/ is nothing but just piles of information and products stacked together meaning its useless.

To help you out with getting more traffic I will share with you 5 sources that will help you to potentially DOUBLE YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC.

  • Social Media
I am sure you do realize the strength social media carries in todays date. To promote your business/website I would recommend you use.
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

I have listed them in order of importance and potential factor. You might be wondering why Pinterest is placed at number one while Facebook has a lot more people on it. The truth is Facebook is bombarded with people all wanting to promote their content and trying to drive people towards their online businesses.

So, in my opinion more benefits can be reaped from Pinterest than Facebook because of low competition.
The question is how do you get traffic using Pinterest?

  1. Create a business account on Pinterest.
  2. Fill out your profile thoroughly and add your website and verify its ownership by adding the code they provide in your website template or uploading it to the root directory.
  3. Create your first board and start adding pins relating to the niche of your website or ecommerce business.
  4. Pinterest   is all about pictures, so make sure the pics you add in your pin are unique.
  5. Promote your board by either advertising your pins through Pinterest advertising or by using content marketing platforms like tailwind. (I will discuss more about tailwind in another article, but just know that there is enormous potential).    
  6. Keep posting pins everyday and stay active. Follow boards in the same niche as you, and then reshare their content, and they might do the same back for you like newtons second law states about equal and opposite reaction.

I ranked Facebook as number 2, but that doesn’t mean the potential there is lacking. Its just harder to score same goals on Facebook than on Pinterest due to obvious high competition.
So how can you attract readers or customers through Facebook?

  • Create a Facebook account, and then create a Facebook page.
  • Fill out all the details in your newly created FB page like the about section, and make sure you  fill in your website details as well.
  • Post a link to all your articles on your Facebook page. It will do two things. It will give you a backlink from your own Facebook page plus it will help you with getting engagement on your content.   
  • There are two ways to go from here. You could either start promoting your FB page or promoting your posts individually. I would recommend you promote your Facebook page because it will automatically get you more activity on your posts and will help you get shares.    
  • You can promote FB page and posts either by Facebook ads or by sharing with friends and family or by joining online like exchange services, where you like someone else’s page and in return they like yours. I would recommend to only go for paid marketing with Facebook, that Is the honest way to get more true subscribers towards your page. Other users will most likely unlike your page in the future or be an inactive member.

  • Paid Advertising

It is the most common and one of the most effective way to increase your website traffic. In some cases, depending on your niche it can get expensive, but I will share with you some sources from where you can get cheap and good quality traffic.

  • PPCMate

It’s a self-serve advertising platform that works on pay per view model. It is very cheap and will only cost you $0.001 per visitor. It gives you quite a few targeting options like GEO, blacklisting certain IP’s and much more.

  • AdHitz

It works on a pay per click model, and they have fixed rates depending on the geo where the click came from. PPC ranges anywhere from a minimum of if I recall correctly $0.05-0.20 cents. All traffic brought to you by Adhitz is real human traffic.

  • PTC Websites

Paid to click websites are a cheap and easy way to get tons of traffic by spending a small amount of money. I personally wouldn’t recommend this traffic because all the visitors are bound to visit the target website for a specific time usually 5 seconds, and after that time is over they just bounce off the website. Using this source of traffic will give your website a big bounce off rate which is not good for your website’s SERP and SEO. I mentioned it because it will double your traffic though.

  • Link-Referral

It is a free website marketing platform. It works more like a website directory which is categorized according to the niche of the submitted websites. You have to be a proactive member, and you will start receiving traffic. They claim you could receive hundreds of targeted visitors a day. To receive more traffic from them, you have to visit other members links, and review their websites. They also claim that being listed with them will help your website with increased crawlability and search engine indexing. 

  • Ezine Articles
get traffic through ezine article

Ezine articles is an article submission directory where you sign up as a author and you write articles, and then through their platform they give your article the exposure it needs, and in return you get targeted traffic. Just like the picture above summarizes. Whenever you write an article for them, in the end give a short description of your website where you would like to bring traffic. It will give you a high-quality backlink from a DA 88 website.

  • Blog Commenting

It is a SEO friendly way to obtain targeted traffic. Search up similar content relating to the niche of your website or the articles you are about to write about. Read the articles and leave a relatable comment.  Your comment could either be a personal experience or just your opinion about the topic.

In order to receive traffic from commenting, leave the link to your website in the comment in a way that’s not spammy.

For example, for the sake of understanding let’s say you read about a topic like 10 most essential books to read. You could in the comment add something like “The above mentioned books are essential, but I believe that the following books should also be added in the lists or they are mention worthy books, then you could name a book and then say for detailed info visit the website and then give a link to your article that talks about a similar topic.” Most of the blog authors have comments moderation enabled, and they will never let a spammy comment just pass through, so make sure your comment has some genuineness.

This tactic of getting traffic isn’t going to generate thousands of visitors, but it will give you good link juice which will increase your organic traffic.