how to be an alpha male

One of the dilemmas that are presented to men when they start a relationship is how to be an alpha male. Being independent and having a girlfriend does not have to be agonizing. On the contrary, they could easily go hand in hand.

We are going to offer you several tips on how to be an alpha male. Make it clear to your girlfriend that you are the boss without being aggressive or controlling.

Tips on how to be an alpha male

  • Take control of the situation:

If you are an alpha male, you must have everything under control. You must have everything decided and believe your girlfriend will love it. If you are going out, choose the restaurant where you will go for dinner and drinks. 

Take decisions, and then take action. Be confident that your girl will like it.
You do not have to ask her what she wants all the time; women love a man who has ambition in life, and who is not scared.
When you go to an outing with friends, the center of attention has to be you. Make the decisions, handle the topics of conversation. 

Be brave as well. Women love a manly guy and a part of that is accomplished with being gentle yet brave at the same time. She needs to feel protected around you, and its impossible for a coward to give his woman that feeling.

  • Don't show too much interest
It's not that girls want you to be macho, but try not to show that you're dying for her when you guys have been barely going out for a week. Then he will feel super-special power over you, and that is not good for being an alpha male.

It's not that you're not going to say that you like it or want it, but not 100 times a day either.Don't be repetitive because ultimately it gets boring and then the relationship could come to a halt. 
Don't get this point wrong though, do show interest when shes talking to you and never ignore her because alpha male doesn't mean someone who doesn't care. You need to show care while dominating your manliness.

  • Be Secure

How to be an alpha male if you are going to go around the world with insecurities. No, no, no, you have to show that you are very sure of what you want and you know perfectly how to get it.

The security is not only in the way of speaking but also in acting, always be firm, upright, with a positive attitude.Be Well dressed, an alpha male always smells good.A research was done a couple years ago which attributed part of attractiveness towards how the person smells. So, smell for sure is a factor that contributes towards ones likeness. 

So to sum it up:

  1. Be like-able, want-able and upright.
  2. Be confident, and take decisions according to your will while simultaneously be caring and responsible.
  3. Be secure, and independent. Don't give your woman a reason to doubt you or to humiliate you. (Stay loyal)  

We hope that these little tips that we have given you will allow you to remain an alpha male.