Acne cure

What is Acne?

Acne is a disorder which is caused when a new hair follicle tries to grow through dead skin cells, and simultaneously they cluster together along with sebum. This cluster can grow bacteria which causes inflammation which when breaks down causes a pimple to develop.

This is the scientific explanation for acne, but it can also be caused by higher stress levels, or genetics or any skin infections.

How to cure acne (DIY treatments)?

  • Staying hygienic and exfoliating regularly
Since one of the biggest causes of acne is abnormal oil levels in the skin so if we minimize the oil in the skin it should automatically cause either the stoppage or at least minimization of acne.

So why does the skin produce oil?

Skin produces oil when a person stays dehydrated for long duration of time to protect the skin from drying up.
In order to condition the skin, we need to consume lump sum amount of water every day. Exact amount of water required differs from person to person depending on their mass, but it estimated an average person should have 7-8 glasses of water scattered through the day. 
Second way to minimize oil from skin is to simple exfoliate our skin with a oil control or acne preventing face-wash, but it is not a necessity to have such face-wash. You can just freshen up the skin with cold water a couple of times a day to prevent excess oil from forming.
Furthermore, staying hygienic prevents the development of bacteria which is an important cause of acne.
To sum this, stay clean, hydrated and be precautionary about your skin.

  • Use Sunscreen

Usually sunscreen is considered to make acne worse, but it strictly depends on the product you use. 

There are plethora of sunscreens which ameliorate with the acne-prone skin rather than amplify the situation. So, the right type of sunscreen protects the skin from all the suns harmful rays, and the rays make acne scars worse. It is understood though that the wrong type of sunscreen will make acne worse rather than help so before you buy one make sure it goes smooth with your skin type.

A word of advice is to take the sunscreen off as soon as you get home because no matter how picky you get with choosing a sunscreen, they still contain greasy products.  

  • Abstain from oily and fatty foods
All foods have different type of properties, and they contain multiple types of multivitamins. Now consuming the right foods is very important because some foods are considered oily foods, and they can cause more oil build up on the skin which consequently leads to acne.

  1. Stay away from junk and fried food.
  2. Consume low fat dairy products and minimize usage.
  3. Skip sugary and syrupy foods like pancakes and cookies.

There are more foods that you could skip, but even if you just skip the 3 mentioned above, you should be good.

  • Use coconut oil and Aloe Vera

Both coconut oil and Aloe Vera have moisturizing and conditioning capabilities which make them a perfect remedy for acne. Since they both are found in very similar state in nature, we can mix them together and apply that mixture on our face, and let it sit there for a while and then wash the face thoroughly with cold water.

  • Stress factor

Stress is the least overrated yet the most harmful thing a person can suffer from. Stress is a causing factor for many diseases some of which are deadly. 

Stressing pretty much causes the body to slow down its functions and start to deteriorate. So eliminate stress factors out of your life.

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