When we train, we usually seek to improve our body and portray it as a brand or prepare for a competition, but in other cases, some people only want to train to get or stay in shape. The two workouts differ significantly mostly regarding the intensity of the workouts, one is rather intense and needs stricter diet controls than the other.

Lets discuss the types of exercises to get fit. 

By general rule we can say that training to be in shape must consist of three fundamental exercises:

Cardiovascular exercises:

We must do it for 4 to 6 hours a week, distributed in 3-5 sessions. This type of exercise seeks to strengthen the heart and improve the cardio respiratory system, thus delaying fatigue for daily efforts and improving the quality of life by reducing the risk of suffering from metabolic diseases. These exercises help with building up the stamina. You should focus mainly on them if your fat to muscle ratio is a lot higher than usual. Other than that people just use them as a way to warm-up.


  • Swimming
  • Running/Jogging
  • Biking
  • Kickboxing
  • Rowing

A basic gym like 24-hour fitness has all these except the kickboxing. Out of the 5 mentioned above, the one that ameliorates the most in the fat burning and shape forming process is the swimming, you can burn up to 800 calories in an hour if you do the breast strokes or the butterfly, which is hard to do.

Strength-resistance exercises: 

And when we say weights, we also include here machines or self-loading exercises. This type of activity can be done 2-3 times a week in sessions of 60-90 minutes. The simplest thing is to work on a circuit, although you can also benefit from somebody pump or merely doing exercises in the weight room. Strength-resistance exercises will improve muscle tone and prevent back pain and possible injuries of the locomotor system.

Stretching exercises:

The advisable thing is to stretch daily, and it is easy if we include this type of exercises in the warm-up. But we can also exercise and improve flexibility with specific sessions 3 days a week. Making our muscles more flexible will also prevent injuries, and we will gain in movement quality. Stretching exercises also help with height gain if you are under 20 years of age. It personally helped me add 2 inches to my height. 

The intensity of the exercises

As we said at the beginning, here we do not aim to surpass brands, merely keep the agency active, and for that, we will use average intensities in each type of exercise. When performing a cardiovascular exercise such as running, swimming, elliptical or similar, the intensity should be between 60-80% of our maximum heart rate. That you do not know how to calculate that range, comfortable, you have to go to an intensity in which your breathing is not very agitated and allows you to speak with a partner without a problem.
In the exercises with weights, we will use the same method, average intensities that allow us to lift a load during 15-20 repetitions without an excessive problem, changing from one exercise to another without hardly resting and doing 2-3 sets of each type of exercise, trying to include The main muscles at home training session.


When we look for performance, rest days are necessary to assimilate training loads; however, when we merely train to be in shape we can train every day of the week, there is no risk of over-training to be smooth and easily assimilated workouts by the body.
We can, for example, establish a day of rest a week the day we do that training that we consider harder, or just in the middle of the week to give a break to the body. In these cases, the problem of availability is usually more since there are people who will hardly be able to train daily and will be almost mandatory, but if it is not your case, try to train every day.

Invariability is the secret

If we look for performance in the race, it is clear that the predominant exercise of our training will be the race, although we mix other disciplines, the case of getting fit is entirely different, here anything goes to move the body and the more different activity we do better.
Do not always do the same cardio exercise or the same weight exercises; try that every time you touch an exercise try something different from the previous day. For example in cardio: running, swimming, rowing, cycling, elliptical, aerobics, spinning. Choose one every day and go alternating. And the same with the weights: body pump, machines, circuit, weights, self-loads.