Hair are one of the defining aspect of a person’s personality. They are also a prediction of how old a person appears to be in people’s perspective.
To find a solution to any problem, the cause of the problem needs to be addressed first, so let’s discuss the causes of hair fall.


·       Hereditary

The most common hereditary cause would be MPB (Male pattern baldness). It affects more than 60% of the population of men. Usually it is said that if baldness exists in your mom’s family then it is just a matter of time before you go bald, and people believe that there is no way around it. You can only prolong the process but not entirely escape your fate of facing baldness. I don’t necessarily believe in that.

·       Diseases

There are some diseases like thyroid that cause hair fall. A while back I read into this, and I found out that the body can react to a certain disease in a fashion that the brain starts prioritizing basic functions over extras, and for the brain hair are not a priority so it stops the blood flow going towards hair follicles, and thus when no more nutrients arrive to the hair follicles, first the hair start thinning, and when they become surprisingly thin, they just shed off pretty much just like how plants shed leaves in autumn.
·       Nutrients Deficiency

As I mentioned in the earlier point, blood flow carries nutrients to the blood follicles, but lets say that your blood has no nutrients then it is pretty much just like water supply to a crop without any fertilizer and pesticide. According to a fact human being’s need to consume more than 20,000 calories in-order-to get all the nutrients required by body. Realistically that is impossible.

·       Fungi, Dry Scalp or rash in the scalp

One of the reasons hair fall out is due to an ongoing condition in the scalp. A lot of times we don’t even notice them because our hair is covering the scalp, but we just keep itching our scalp without realizing it is a symptom of a rash/fungi/dry skin going on in the scalp. 
In this era, a huge industry is working on this dilemma that how to reduce hair problems. There are dozens of shampoos and conditioners that are suggested for this problem, but they are nothing except another chemical formula that has lot of side effects. Moreover, hair transplant seems to be the ultimate solution but it’s also the one with multiple side effects.

That is why we are going to give you pure natural solutions that would be helpful for the natural regrowth of your hair. Following are the popular natural techniques on how to regrow hair naturally

1) Onion Juice

Onions are also very healthy diet, it balances the cholesterol and other systems. Onion oil is the best one can get for the treatment of weakness. So, it is equally beneficiary towards hair weakness. You can either drink it or use it during a shower. Mix the pure onion juice in the water before having a shower. You can make this at home easily by chopping an onion, adding a little water and then blending the mixture in the blender, and then straining to get the liquid. Apply that onion juice twice a week on your scalp and leave for 1-2 hours each time you do. This will help regrow new hair as well and strengthen the existing hair follicles.

2) Oiling

Oiling of hair has been a successful technique to keep your hair as beautiful as you want. Few years back people used to oil their hair as a hobby but in current era, everyone has a busy schedule that is why this habit has diminished. Still you can do it for just half an hour before bath to get the results. I would recommend the use of black seed oil. It is the most beneficial oil out there and takes care of overall health. It not only helps to regrow hair, but it can fix dry scalp and rash on the scalp as well.  

3) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is, precisely, most efficient thing regarding health and natural medication. It is used in making different medicines for different diseases. Aloe Vera is also useful for hair growth. You can either have it in a meal or you can massage your head with aloe Vera. It has no side effects whatsoever. Aloe Vera is very beneficial against bacteria in the scalp and dryness. If you search how to get rid of dandruff, it is one of the best remedies for that. 

4) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is considered as a blessing. It can be used for all types of hair. Just massage your hair with it an hour before hair wash and see its magic. It has some natural ingredients that improves and influences natural hair growth. The best way to apply coconut oil is to first heat it up by keeping it afloat in warm water in a small container, and then apply it in the scalp by portioning and combining the hair in different segments, and going layer by layer. One of the best properties of coconut oil is that it is a very good conditioner, and that is the sole reason it is part of many remedies. 
5) Diet

Diet is a huge factor, it determines everything from HGH levels to blood flow. I have noticed that in my family, almost every male is bald, and I would say 60% of it is due to hereditary reasons, but the rest is because of their diet. Their diet consists of just fatty foods like curries or just meat, and no exposure to veggies. Our bodily needs require both meat and vegetables, so a moderate consumption of both is necessary to maintain healthy diet and an equal balance of hormones. 

6)  Multivitamin Supplements

We mentioned earlier in the causes of hair fall about vitamin deficiency. Since it is not possible to attain all vitamins and in the required percentage, it is just better to leave 
this to multivitamin tablets. Just buy a bottle and take one pill each day. This way, the problem has been addressed internally.

End note


We have discussed so far, the natural ingredients that can either be used in a diet or in a head massage. There are also lot of supplements that can improve the natural growth of your hair without any side effects. Few popular hair supplements are mentioned below.Thus, to sum it up there all reasons of hair class can be classified into two main categories, internal and external. So to eradicate or cure hair-fall, we must fix both of them. The best way to fix internal problem is to take multivitamins, and stay abstained from bad foods, and consume good and healthy foods, and to fix external problems related with scalp, we can use remedies like oiling, and hair masks. The least researched, but the most effective ayuvedic remedy is to apply onion juice in the hair twice a week, leaving it in the hair up to 3 hours, and you shall have perfect hair.


Viviscal is probably most famous hair supplement containing an enzyme amino C and shark powder. It helps your hair growth schema. It has many other beneficial proteins that can assist your hairs to grow faster. It improves the working of hair growing cells. It is available in both shapes; in pills and in shampoo form. You will have to take it for six months for the best results.

Let me show you a picture proof of what doing all these things above can do for you.