Have you ever wanted to be taller than you are now? Maybe just an inch or two, so you don't feel short compared to your older brother - or worse, your younger brother! We have all been there. Height is something that is very valued, no matter how old you are. While it may seem impossible, there are ways to increase height naturally through the use of diet and exercise. Some people have even found that, over time, they can grow 2 inches height naturally!

If you want to get taller and grow naturally, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Get Enough Sleep

According to scientists, around twenty percent of what determines our height as an individual is based on our environment. While genetics do play a part, so do things like lifestyle choices. One of the first and best ways to encourage your body to grow naturally is to get enough sleep. Sleep is when your body grew when you were a kid, and it is the same thing you need if you want to add a couple inches now. Sleeping helps your body rebuild any tissue that was lost or damaged during the day and can build on a bit extra if you give it the time. Moreover there is a chemical called HGH(Human Growth Hormone) which is responsible for the growth and development of our body, and this chemical is naturally produced in our body when we sleep. So there is a direct relationship between sleep and HGH, which in return causes your body to grow. 

Some ways to get a deeper, more relaxed sleep are to take a nice, relaxing bath before bed, or to drink a cup of camomile tea or milk with honey. Furthermore, in attempt to reap the most benefit from sleeping, sleep around 9-10 pm till the time you naturally wake up, and it will essential give your body all its necessities. 

2. Exercise

Our bodies need exercise in order to stay in good growing shape. Sticking to a regular workout plan can be a great way to build more muscle and to increase height naturally. Depending on what type of exercise you enjoy doing, you can do cardio workouts, weight lifting, yoga, or nearly anything else you can think of. Stretching may also be a great way to help you increase your height, as it helps to keep your muscles and cartilage from getting compressed. Stretching helps to elongate muscles and make you taller. Sometimes you can even see results after just one stretching session!
There  are numerous stretching exercises that help with the posture and elasticity of the body.

3. Proper Posture

Remember when your mother always used to say "stand up straight!" Well, she was right! Standing up straight and maintaining good posture can not only make you appear taller, but can actually make you be taller! People often appear much shorter than they are because they slouch or hunch their shoulders when they stand. By eliminating these bad habits, you can look taller, feel taller, and gain the confidence that comes with holding your body in the position it was meant to be in.

4. Eat Right

Another great way to grow 2 inches height naturally is to fuel your body right. Eating well and consuming fruits and vegetables that contain lots of Vitamin D, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and other vitamins stimulate bone growth, and will have you looking healthier - and taller! - in no time at all. Eating is essentially the thing that determines how well you are going to develop other than genes, which play THE MOST role in development.