Most of the foods that we eat on a daily basis have ingredients that create a not-so-good environment in our bodies. Readily available processed foods can take your health on a downward spiral if you eat them a lot. The healthy foods that you should eat on your diet plan should get packed with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other nutritional goodness. These nutrients create excellent health that will allow you to live a life free of disease and full of vibrancy. 

This article will reveal five healthy foods that you should put on your diet plan every single day. 

  1. Yogurt

    The probiotics in yogurt help your immune system to work at an optimal level. The regular consumption of yogurt can also give you protection against certain cancers. However, note that not all yogurts are made equal. In this case, this means that not all of the yogurts in the dairy aisle are probiotic. The next time you go to the grocery store, look for yogurts that have what are known as live and active cultures. Eat one cup of yogurt for the best nutritional results. 
  2. Oats

    Oats come with soluble fiber, which can decrease your risk of heart disease. While the superfood does have a high amount of carbs, the sugar's release gets slowed by the fiber. As a result, regular consumption of oats can give you energy that will last throughout your entire day. Oats can also serve as a valuable source of protein as it contains 10 grams for every 1/2 cup that you eat. 
  3. Black Beans

    When it comes to the best foods for your health, it's hard to go wrong with any kind of bean. However, your brain health can especially benefit from eating black beans. Black beans come with anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant compound that can positively affect your brain health. Eating a 1/2 cup of black beans every day will provide you with over 7 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein. In case you needed another reason to grab that can of black beans at the grocery store, the superfood doesn't have any saturated fat and is low in calories. 
  4. Blueberries

    An antioxidant-rich fruit, blueberries can help prevent a whole host of health conditions, from diabetes to cancer to memory changes that come with age. Blueberries, rich in vitamins A and C as well as fiber, can also benefit your cardiovascular health. If you have fresh blueberries, eat one cup of those a day. If you have frozen blueberries in the freezer, eat a 1/2 cup of them a day. 
  5. Spinach

    Spinach not only builds your muscles, but it also comes with omega-3s and folate. Folate decreases your risk of heart disease over time. The nutrient folate also brings blood flow to your sexual organs, which fights sexual dysfunction that can come with mature age. When you get your cup of fresh spinach a day, you'll also get your lutein, which helps with macular regeneration and your sex drive. 

Congratulations! You now know enough to create healthy snacks and healthy recipes that will benefit your overall life. Healthy eating as a practice is not always easy. But if you make a routine out of finding delicious healthy snacks and healthy recipes in cookbooks and online resources, you can create a life where healthy eating serves as an important cornerstone.