Erectile Dysfunction is the body's incapacity to either get or be able to maintain a erection. It can occur at any age. The likelihood of suffering from it through teenage is minimal, but still it can happen, and the chances increase proportionally along with age. 
Not only does this problem affect your sexual life, but it stains you mentally and clogs your ability to think clearly. The mind is boggled, and tangled with thoughts about the penis issue. 

I am speaking about it because i have suffered it myself. It happened to me the first time i was about to have sex, and i had never experienced such shame in my entire life. It was depressing and frustrating. We were in a car, and the moment appeared, but i wasn't able to take advantage of the opportunity. I did get an erection about an hour later, when i went downhill on her. So what appeared to me was that when you beg for an erection, you are unlikely to get one. I am an optimistic person so i didn't let this one bad time strain my mind, so i was hopeful that when i get the second chance, i will hit it off and show her the best time ever, and rather then surprise her i was surprised myself that yet again i was facing with erectile dysfunction. And on wards from that day, i started my research about fixing this issue and to never let myself feel like that again.

To fix any issue, the root cause should be addressed, so lets see :


An erection begins in your brain. Something you saw, felt, noticed, heard, or thought influences your nerves to send chemical signals to the veins in your penis. The arteries unwind and open up to let more blood to stream in; in the meantime, the veins shut everything down. When blood is in the penis, weight traps it inside the corpora cavernosa. Consequently Your penis extends and holds the erection.
So if anything physical or mental blocks this process, the erection doesn't take place and hence tragedy gets struck
So to sum it up, its caused by these three things listed below:



When i was researching i came through a lot of blogs and websites trying to propose solutions but they all lacked the proper addressing of the issue and the implementation that goes along with it.
Look whatever happens to you, there are two ways to fix it; internally or externally.

This issue is the one that needs to be fixed from both angels, internally and externally.

Lets address internally first:

  • Penile erection is all about the blood flow and mental stimulation. There is a saying that goes like You become what you Eat.
Focus on a good and healthy diet. Since blood is produced and pumped through heart, you need to intake a heart healthy diet full of good fats and proteins and an adequate amount of carbs. 
In my journey to fix the problem.
I started to eat beetroots, Arugula, and Garlic.

Why Do these Foods Help?

These 3 foods have one thing in common, high nitric oxide content. Nitric oxide is something that our body produces on its own, but not in big amount to greatly help with erections. In simple words nitric oxide works as grease for blood arteries.It works as a stimulating agent which increases the effectiveness of arteries.
Believe me the intake of these foods and others with high nitric oxide content, but still in moderation, your body will feel the difference, but especially your manhood.

Because body needs other important vitamins too, along with these foods start taking a multivitamin on a regular basis so your body's needs of vitamins and minerals is satisfied. It is estimated that in order to get all the vitamins from food in the recommended quantities, a human being would have to consume 23000 calories daily, which is definitely impossible.

So any good multivitamin would do, in my case i started to take ONE-A-DAY (a multivitamin pill).

Another major problem that prevents you from achieving erections is clogged arteries. There is no specific way to know if you have clogged arteries, but they sure as hell prevent the blood from flowing into your sex zone.

Moreover, GUYS drink responsibly and moderately, excessive consumption of alcohol has been linked to erectile dysfunction.

Now lets address the external issues:

External issues are more or less related to work or your personal life. But keep in mind these are harder to work on and can take some time to get in the right place.

34% of the american population is either suffering from depression, anxiety and anger issues. These 3 issues are linked to one another and can cause you to have a softy.

The best way to get rid of these three issues is to bring happiness in your life which could be through means of activities or acts of charity or just being optimistic. Don't be sad over things you have no control over. Start distracting yourself (Join gym, do paid/unpaid internships, go on trips) DO something to take stress off.

These 3 issues are the biggest reasons for heart attack as well, and they deep inside kill your desire to live and slowly and gradually make you dead starting from inside.

So to sum it up. The cure to erectile dysfunction is to fix the issue internally and externally. Consume right type of food, and stay away from foods that are bad for heart and blood flow. Take stress off, distract yourself.