There are many ways to promote Clickbank affiliate products, but the ones listed below are in ranking of the most effective one’s.

          1)    Email marketing

If you read through any source about the highest ROI (return on investment) when it comes to advertising, email marketing tops it with a massive 6-7% conversion rate.

Email marketing success

By conversion rate I mean the percentage of people who end up purchasing some service/product off your website. Isn’t that mainly why you advertised!! Surely it is. Any sort or means of advertising is only beneficial when it is targeted. I mean why in the world would you advertise a service to a person who would not need it. For example, advertising men undergarments in ladies magazine won’t make any sense. This type of advertising in other words is called spamming, and people not only ignore spammers, they block them, which consequently ruins their repute.

There are two ways to do email marketing:

          1)    Build your own list of targeted subscribers by using squeeze pages
          2)   Buy emails from companies and spam them with your product links

The both ways would led to sales, but be honest with yourself, which option would you choose?
The right answer is #1 because your email would actually reach their inbox, which means there are 100% more chances of them actually opening it up. Usually when you spam them, the emails end up in either the spam or the junk section, and in my experience I have never been to that section unless I want to waste my time. The only setback of choosing the first option is that it takes time, and a plethora of patience and hard work.

In order for a person to build their own list, they need to have a blog/website/ channel/podcast or other means. If you search up how to become a successful blogger, the first tip that will mostly/always pop up is learn to be patient or just forget about it. When I started blogging, which was five years ago, I wasn’t making any money. I was just a young person who thought that “In a few more months, I shall manage to afford my own expenditures, and move out of my parents house” but guess what, it didn’t happen straight in a few months, it took me years. Think of creating a website as a business that you have no experience about, but you still feel like doing it because it’s interesting and most of all it sounds like it will make you money. But think about why people should/would come to your business when they can go to your neighbors who are selling the same product, with even the same price, but what sets them apart is that they are old which means they know the business, already have clients and most of all people trust them. The same concept is valid when it comes to setting up a business online. You guys might be thinking, we don’t want our product to be a business, we just want to promote the affiliate link and make some sales. Guess what, you need to change the way you think because I have done it, and have failed immensely. I have wasted money, time, and more money and time. 

Option # 1 is super slow, but it is like an investment that grows over time, and someday while you thought, you wasted a lot of time, and listened to this blogger on EHID, you will finally have sales in your clickbank account.

A reminder: We want a subscriber list and for that purpose, we are building a community targeted towards our product, and then send emails to our subscriber list which is super targeted. You might have conversion rates of even more than 10% if the email and your website is convincing enough.
Have you heard of a saying “People eat with their eyes”, the same is here “People buy with trust”.
So once you have created a website that has good information and brings in lots of people and subscribers, then you can hope for making a handsome amount of money online. I don’t want to dishearten you, but it can take 2 years or more to build a community and have a subscriber list of like 5000 people.

To summarize the main points:

·        Create a blog/website specific in niche related to your product (For example if you are promoting fitness guides, your website should be about health and fitness).
·        Create squeeze pages to gather subscribers.
·        Send them an array of emails.
The first one being a welcome email. After a few days, send them an email giving them short info about the product, another email after 3 days telling them more, and then another one after 2 days that has a compelling subject like “LOOSE 21 POUNDS IN 21 DAYS”. Through a study it was found that emailing a person consecutively builds confidence and then ends up in more sales. They are more likely to purchase after a third email than the first one.

          2) PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising 

PPC ads are like paid to click ads instead you are the one paying rather than the one making. Google ad is one of the best and most targeted advertising options out there, but it is indeed expensive. For certain keywords the cost per click can be as much as $50. I think no everyday individual has that sort of money, and if they had why would they be promoting affiliate products.

PPC ads can bring you sales in some cases, but my experience with them has been an unsuccessful one. I had advertised my products using AdClickMedia, AdHitz, Bidvertiser and a few other networks, not to dishearten you guys, but it brought me no sales. I didn’t spend a whole lot of money, but it was enough to give me the experience that it doesn’t really work.
I tried advertising on Facebook because it is highly targeted, but they won’t even accept affiliate links so it’s a waste of time.Still if you want to try them out, the best ad network would be buysellads, they have a huge market-space, and you can categorically advertise and pay for the amount of impressions you require for a 30 day cycle. Once again it is expensive.

          3) Review based and niche specific 

You must have gotten the idea from the title of #3.
So you create a blog/website that is niche specific (suppose it’s a make money blog), now through that blog you review the legit ways to make money online, and in your articles or homepage you can put banners or links that lead to a sales page. The best way to get successful with this one is to actually give honest reviews of ways out there to make money. Don’t BULLSHIT the public, if they have enough sense about how to use the computer then they have enough sense to guess if someday is manipulating them or being realistic.

I have been to some cooking and recipe blogs/website and they are promoting products like “1000 pullao recipes”. So they are recommending something that they have a background for, and this way people can trust them and buy the product.
I love this saying of Bruce Lee, and it expresses my point of view exactly:
“I don’t fear the person who knows a thousand kicks. I fear the person who has practiced one kick a thousand times”
That means don’t try to be Google, and try to promote all types of product. Use some sense and choose one category, and then promote within it, and you will have more success.